Drawing up a sustainable development strategy and roadmap

Would you like to design your strategy and action plans at different levels of your organisation? Do you want to set your company, your products, your brands or your territory on a new trajectory?

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It is essential for an organisation or company to:

▪ Understanding the challenges and measuring performance

▪ Qualify its impact and exposure, look at what the best are doing and put it into perspective

▪ Update or build its strategy and action plan to do much better: with concrete, robust levers and others that are more innovative.


This work needs to be carried out at different levels:

▪ Its products, projects or brands

▪ Its orientations, commitments and internal operations

▪ Its sector, over an extended area of responsibility


In-depth work to realign its impact and its usefulness to society requires a broad, multi-expert viewpoint to arbitrate, frame and schedule this evolution. Some actions are capital-intensive and others require human resources. Some actions that have a positive impact on the climate may be harmful in terms of human rights, health or biodiversity. Each organisation also has its own culture and history, which must be understood if positive projects are to be deployed successfully.

Rethinking and improving products, projects and brands

An organisation's greatest impact lies in its core business: its products or services, the projects it undertakes or the brands it develops. It is therefore essential to improve their ecological and societal performance.
The diversity of our areas of expertise means that we are well placed to support this progress, with over 90 consultants and experts in energy & carbon, the circular economy & resources, responsible consumption & production, life and ecosystems, health & the environment, responsible finance, territories, mobility & urban planning, and societal impact.
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Un homme blanc écrit sur un tableau blanc
Une femme blanche assise au téléphone regarde son ordinateur portable
Vue en plongée de rochers dans la mer écumante

Transforming organisations and businesses

The seriousness and scale of the ongoing environmental and societal changes underway mean that every company or organisation needs to re-examine its usefulness to society, its purpose and its strategy. For all managers, the key challenge is to integrate these climatic, environmental and societal constraints by capitalising on their core business and know-how, and developing them further.

The trust our customers place in us and continue to place in us is rooted in:

  • our multi-expertise
  • our experience
  • our ability to prescribe changes
  • our skills in developing action plans that can be implemented and financed
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Building ecosystems and the transition of sectors
Contributing to a society whose impacts are changing massively for the better does not just mean working on our operations, strategy and products. We also need to work in depth with our customers, users, suppliers, partners, colleagues, public authorities and civil society. Ecosystemic changes are becoming necessary for the successful transition of industries.

We are convinced that the ecological and societal transition must be a collective, multi-stakeholder project. We need to know how to act more effectively in the general interest, by overcoming historical antagonisms and rivalries, in a perspective that is not just national. This is the purpose  of the collective projects that we run as general interest facilitators.

Driven by our deep-rooted convictions, we propose ambitious, interdisciplinary and tailor-made approaches to respond to environmental and societal emergencies. Our team is committed to transforming businesses and territories.

They have placed their trust in us
  • Human rights risk mapping

  • Contribution to compliance with the law on the duty of care

  • Mitigation and remediation plan

"Greenflex a apporté un regard d’expert, une méthodologie systématique et des compétences matérielles indéniables à ce premier exercice de cartographie pour Elior."
  • 3 years
    of support

  • 250+ external stakeholders sollicited

  • 1 materiality matrix validated by GRI-V4

"Menée en parallèle et croisée avec une démarche interne de co-création mobilisant les collaborateurs du groupe, les relations établies avec nos parties prenantes nous ont permis de redéfinir nos grands enjeux pour 2025."

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