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We have invented a unique model to integrate sustainable development into the economic reality of companies.
designing sustainable solutions
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Sustainable vision and strategy
Integrate environmental and societal issues into companies' strategies
Energy strategy and performance
Support and accelerate the energy transition of our customers
Responsible products and consumption
Products and brands aligned with societal issues and expectations
Management of relations with stakeholders
Understand the risks, detect opportunities and benefit from the positive impacts
Financing the transition and asset management
Flexible financing and life-cycle management solutions for equipment

What is a GreenFlex sustainable solution?

We build solutions on a day-to-day basis for our customers to transform and tackle their environmental and societal challenges.

Who are we?

GreenFlex: an overview

unique model

At GreenFlex, we are convinced that businesses should make a positive contribution to the world’s evolution through their transformation. In order to tackle their environmental and societal challenges, we have invented a unique model. We are designers of sustainable solutions because we dared to combine 3 complementary professions and areas of expertise, and can thus provide companies with our creative, pragmatic solutions.

areas of expertise
  • Support
    We provide strategic and operational advice to our clients, from strategy to management of action plans.
  • Data intelligence
    We provide tools for the majority of our solutions: we develop various digital platforms for predictive reporting based on algorithms.
  • Financing
    With our financing solutions, we help companies accelerate their environmental and societal transition by investing in new equipment that is more efficient, consumes less energy and has a better eco-design.