Management of distribution equipment

Energy transition, societal transition: from commercial cooling to lighting, HVAC and digital. To accelerate their transition and invest in suitable equipment, we offer our clients flexible solutions that combine our environmental and technological expertise, operational management with our stock management tools and financing solutions

Simple and innovative solutions to finance and manage all of your equipment dedicated to distribution

Distribution needs to address the two following issues: ensure the long-term support of the turnover by making points of sale more attractive (strategic locations, adapting to new consumption models), and improve the profitability of stores by working on the supply chain and reducing their energy consumption.

To meet their new challenges, we offer our clients simple solutions to finance and manage equipment dedicated to distribution.

Our approach integrates:

  • Total independence from service providers and banking institutions
  • Expertise in financing to preserve the report (OPEX) and maintain the borrowing capacity
  • A diagnosis (retail, IT) that evaluates the environmental and energetic maturity of equipment and which helps to implement new CSR indicators
  • An analysis of the complete TCO integrating all costs inherent in equipment (maintenance, insurance, energy consumption, white certificates, …)
  • A specification of the ROI (Return on Investment) for renewal projects
  • An ability to expand equipment without constraint to comply with our clients’ requirements
  • Strong expertise in the re-use of equipment with complete traceability of recycling – we favour a circular economy based on re-using financed equipment
  • Technological and regulatory monitoring (product monitoring expertise, monitoring of liquids, equipment, ecodesign, recycling potential, …)