Manage the dialogue with stakeholders

GreenFlex supports organisations in finding a shared vision of why and how to incorporate stakeholders and their expectations in the definition and implementation of strategy/strategies at international, national or local level

Place stakeholders at the heart of a CSR process

Aware of its externalities and its ecosystem, these days a company cannot grow while ignoring its stakeholders and their expectations. More than just imposing a system, listening to stakeholders is a great way of creating value.

GreenFlex will support you in all relations with your stakeholders: from integration into governance systems, the design of innovative societal laboratories for projects or products or even the management of disputes or conflicts through to the analysis of risks and weak signals.

We meet this requirements to ensure success

  • Integrate a dialogue with stakeholders to build and implement your CSR strategy
  • Establish relationships that consider the interests of every stakeholder
  • Clarify objectives and establish suitable methods for dialogue
  • Transparently and openly report the effects of this dialogue