Management of technological and digital equipment

Digital transition, energetic transition… from smartphone to data centre via the Internet of Things (IoT). To accelerate their transition and invest in suitable equipment, we offer our clients flexible solutions that combine our environmental and technological expertise, operational management with our stock management tools and financing solutions

Simple and innovative leasing solutions to finance and manage all of your technological and digital equipment

Organisations are currently faced with growing complexity to manage their technological stock because of the increase in the number of devices (specifically with mobility becoming part of business), the standardisation of brands, models and renewal cycles, the decentralisation and multiplicity of distant sites, as well as the number of stakeholders involved with stock (local manager, financial management, ISD, …)

Management is also involved so they can be integrated in the societal strategy of their company by implementing a responsible purchasing policy and measuring, beyond the operational and financial level, the carbon and energy impact of the activity.

We offer to management teams simple and innovative leasing solutions to finance and manage all of your technological and digital equipment.

Our approach integrates:

  • Our independence from all service providers and banking institutions
  • Financing expertise that will preserve your balance sheet
  • Diagnostics for usage, environmental maturity and energetic performance of equipment, which helps with the implementation of CSR indicators
  • An analysis of all costs inherent in equipment (maintenance, insurance, energy consumption, white certificates, etc.) and satisfactory lifespans
  • A specification of the ROI (Return on Investment) for equipment renewal projects
  • Re-use of equipment with complete traceability of recycling – we rely on a circular economy based on re-using financed equipment
  • An ability to expand equipment without constraint to comply with the requirements for a digital transition
  • Regulatory and technical monitoring