Management of industrial equipment

Energy transition, industry 4.0: GreenFlex combines its expertise in energy management, data intelligence and financial engineering to support its industrial clients in their energy performance and modernisation projects by structuring and implementing finance for production equipment through leasing, sale & lease-back or through ad-hoc companies

Alternative finance solutions to support your energy and modernisation projects

While it has become a real competitive advantage, the implementation of actions to increase energy efficiency in industry often runs into financing problems because of a lack of certainty about the energy savings that could be made.

A perfect understanding of the requirements and control over the procedures of each industry must be a pre-requisite for any optimisation process.

Our multi-disciplinary teams are able to manage the different aspects of a project (technical, financial and legal) to provide you with solutions that are suited to your environmental constraints.

  • A single contact for the management of your project
  • Our total independence from service providers and banking institutions
  • Expertise in energy management, financing and data intelligence
  • Integration of all costs inherent in equipment (maintenance, insurance, energy consumption) and satisfactory lifespans
  • Financing solutions that can incorporate performance guarantees