Improve overall environmental and societal costs

We reduce the environmental and societal costs of companies and monetise related gains with an approach that combines our multi-disciplinary expertise with a commitment to results and intelligent data using our GreenFlex IQ platform

Increase competitiveness by reducing environmental and social costs

The main issues companies need to address are monetising their actions that are good for the environment, and structuring and managing their action plans. The required access to data and expertise is often something these companies lack, whether they are small or large. That’s why GreenFlex offers its tools and experts, in a centralised manner, to its clients so they can manage and implement these kinds of actions, while also committing to achieving economic and environmental results.

We implement a rigorous action plan for our clients respecting 4 requirements

  • Technical expertise: we use a wealth of experience to propose relevant solutions from a technical and economic perspective (IT/Printing, energy & mobility)
  • Economic management and result commitment: using our GreenFlexIQ digital platform,we systematically evaluate the complete cost of projects and monitor savings achieved from an economic and environmental perspective; this management allows us to make commitments to results guaranteeing a return on investments from projects
  • Communication and change management: we define the communication strategies on internal (raising awareness, and getting employees to engage with the process) and external levels (promoting actions)
  • Regulatory compliance: our tools allow compliance with regulatory requirements regarding energy diagnostics, GHG emission reports (climate) and mobility plans