Build together a sustainable development and CSR vision and strategy

We help organisations to create value through defining or revising their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as part of their strategy, their brand or their products, but also through the analysis, management and measurement of actions deployed. In order to achieve this, we combine the multi-disciplinary expertise of our teams with the intelligence generated by our environmental and social platform, GreenFlex IQ

Social responsibility, indicators, passage to action, commitments and creation of value

Currently, a number of companies are aiming to clarify or provide a greater emphasis to their social policy. Over and above their regulatory obligations, this new vision should allow improved control over the company’s positive and negative externalities and be applied within the company’s different business sectors using a pragmatic approach.

This then offers a competitive advantage through providing excellent organisational efficiency, adjusting the portfolio of products / services, and generating new business and precise measurement of impacts generated.

To ensure that a relevant and applicable strategy is developed and successfully deployed, we use the main reference texts (ISO 26000, sustainable development objectives) and use the following levers:

  • Integration of materiality principles
  • Attentiveness and involvement of the stakeholders in building the strategy
  • Integration of sustainable development commitments in the company strategy
  • Involvement of the general management and their teams in the design of the strategy and its operational deployment
  • Coherence with the specific features of the activity and structure of the company, its identity and its values
  • Rigorous action plan for the measurement, analysis and management of environmental, economic, and societal impacts for the full value chain