#Management of relations with stakeholders

Médecins du Monde


Strategy for relations with the international network private sector

Issues involved

Reform the NGO’s strategy for relations with companies, for its head offices in France and internationally.

Solution provided

Support for the “private partnership” teams (in the NGO communication and fund raising department) in the preparation and implementation of a new prospecting strategy for the private sector as well as its dissemination to regional delegations in France and some international areas.

Creation of value

  • Renewal of the “private partnership” team for two years
  • Research and collective intelligence with all departments of the NGO: programs in France and abroad, administrative, advocacy, etc.
  • Training of the team and raising awareness among multiple regional delegations about strategy for relations with the private sector
  • Development of a new strategy, a position paper as well as internal and external communication tools about company relations.
  • Creation of Medecins du Monde foundation