Dialogue with stakeholders and prioritisation of issues – Bonduelle


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Expertise mobilised

Sustainable development

Services provided

CSR and Stakeholders

Issues involved

In the midst of redefining the company’s vision internally, and given the changing trends and expectations of external stakeholders, the Bonduelle group was looking to develop its dialogue with stakeholders while redefining and prioritising its sustainable development issues.

Solution provided

  • Support over several years in developing relations and dialogue with the company’s stakeholders using various methodologies adapted to the different issues (individual interviews, dialogue sessions with a panel of stakeholders, online questionnaire, etc.)
  • Development of a materiality matrix that served as a basis for redefining the group’s sustainable development goals: a teaching tool that allows for prioritising issues with regard to both the stakeholders’ expectations and the risks and opportunities in terms of the company’s business and sustainability

Creation of value

  • 3 meetings in 3 years with, on average, some 15 stakeholders who regularly attend and appreciate these meetings with management and representatives from the various professions
  • Over 250 external stakeholders approached for the materiality matrix
  • Goal achieved of defining a new priority for issues
  • Publication of materiality matrix and approval by the GRI-V4 (Materiality disclosure services)
  • A solid base for redefining and changing the CSR strategy

“Carried out simultaneously and in tandem with an internal co-creation initiative involving all the group’s employees, the relationships established with our stakeholders allowed us to redefine our major priorities for 2025.”

Christophe Château, Director of Corporate Communications and Marketing