Optimisation and management of energy consumption in almost 550 shops – Carrefour



Expertise mobilised

Energy efficiency

Services provided

Monitoring of energy consumption

The stakes

Carrefour is committed to reducing its energy consumption by 30% by 2025 compared to 2010. To achieve this, the company is upgrading its equipment.

The company wanted support in optimising the energy consumption of its nearly 550 shops.

Solution provided since 2014

After an initial successful mission on 25 shops, GreenFlex has proposed a global turnkey solution for managing energy consumption in 450 shops, including :

  • Expertise in the field to monitor the service providers listed by Carrefour that have a significant impact on consumption: cooling, air conditioning, heating, lighting.
  • Our data collection and analysis tools enable us to identify any consumption anomalies beyond the Carrefour data.

A positive assessment

  • In the context of the call for tenders on self-consumption, for example, we were able to carry out the preparatory studies thanks to our knowledge of the company’s energy infrastructures.
  • This knowledge also enables GreenFlex to support Carrefour’s future projects on smartgrids.

The actions implemented have enabled a 6% reduction in consumption without investment.

optimised shops
reduction in energy consumption