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#Management of relations with stakeholders#Sustainable strategies and vision

Major food retailer

5 management teams involved 75 innovative ideas selected


Seeking an innovative position in society

Solution provided since 2013

  • Identification of ideas for societal innovations to respond to the needs of society in 2020
  • Sparking discussion on the initial analysis with our forecast of societal trends and expectations by 2020
  • Production of an innovations benchmark based on the distribution
  • Organisation of internal work groups involving 5 operational branches and up to 70 people, with creativity methods developed specifically according to the objectives and the composition of each work group.

Creation of value

More than 75 innovative ideas emerged, of which around ten were chosen following a collaborative selection process.

A positive result

5 operational management teams involved in the work groups
75 innovative ideas of which 10 were selected following a collaborative process