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#Financing the transition and asset management


16 contracts established


Financing and managing all IT investments, taking into account the problems of internal reinvoicing amongst the group’s various subsidiaries

Solution provided since 2011

A made-to-measure, industry-ready approach, and tackles all issues:

  1. Financing IT equipment investments in France
  2. Conducting diagnostics in order to measure the environmental impact of renewals
  3. Provision and configuration of the GreenFlex SaaS platform (BeeGreen) for management and reporting of the entire IT stock by the teams
  4. Simplification of processes to reduce the number of invoices to be processed
  5. Provision of accurate quarterly reports for the attention of Ipsos Accounts Management


GreenFlex has been supporting us for several years with its innovative approach to financing. Constantly adapting to our needs, it has established itself as the asset management tool for our IT stock, via a comprehensive, pragmatic and simple solution.

Olivier, Hennebelle, IT Director

A positive result

16 contracts established
350 invoices managed and issued by GreenFlex For internal reinvoicing