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#Responsible products and consumption

Cosmetic brand


Analysis of societal controversies in the cosmetics sector

Solution provided since 2013

  • Studies of emerging risks related to the formulation of products
  • Implementation of an innovative tool to analyse the controversies sustained by stakeholders, beyond the health and regulatory domains
  • Implementation of strategic monitoring to follow the development of the controversies and to identify new ones, to put them into perspective and to prioritise the information thus derived

Creation of value

Weekly monitoring of social signals impacting the cosmetic sector and, more specifically, the company’s products (on a global scale):

  • Identification of emerging and structural trends
  • In-depth analysis of local controversies (ex. UK, NZ, etc.)
  • Quantification of the controversies’ impact (scientific, NGO, etc.) that could affect the value of the company
  • Position notes for arbitrating “at risk” subjects
  • Analysis and handling of consumer reactions