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#Responsible products and consumption

Combined Local Authority of Mené


Setting up a company for the distribution and development of agricultural products from Mené

Issues involved

Brittany is a region known for its agriculture, but today faces new challenges.

As in other locations, the number of farms is decreasing (less than 26% in 10 years on a national scale), with many family farms not finding buyers, favouring the growing concentration of farms.

In addition, conventional intensive agriculture, mostly practised in the territory, is today being questioned increasingly for its negative impacts on the environment (carbon emissions, carbon emissions, etc.) and for its economic model that is running out of steam.

In the heart of Brittany, on the Côtes-d’Armor, Mené stands out because of the ability of its population to get involved in the development of its territory.

Expertise involved

GreenFlex supported the combined local authority of Mené with the identification of market expectations in terms of product quality and market potential.

GreenFlex is currently supporting a Mené group of producers in setting up a company for the distribution and development of agricultural products from Mené:

  • Organisation of distribution channels: identification of market opportunities in various distribution channels
  • Production planning
  • Marketing of products
  • Skills development support for producers
  • Assistance for recruitment of salespersons
  • Legal structure of the company

Creation of value

  • 20 producers from the territory involved in the approach
  • Involvement of several public and private partners in the project
  • An increase in the gross margin for producers
  • A reduction of environmental impacts (consumption of inputs, pesticides, GMO-free) of agriculture in Brittany
  • A potential market for high added value products identified in the Paris region
  • Creation of a unifying brand to promote products for consumers