Have you heard about Valorise, the new web platform dedicated to CSR for smart supply?

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is becoming a structural principle for corporate action. CSR involves all partners: it plays an important role in corporate activities as well as in the relations a company maintains with all its stakeholders.

The distribution sector is particularly concerned with this principle, especially since consumers are increasingly sensitive to the challenges of sustainable development and responsible consumption. Thus, 81.6% of French consumers expect companies to reduce the environmental and societal impact of their products!

Valorise, the CSR self-assessment web platform, was born in this specific context. Valorise is a joint collaborative project between 4 professional organizations representing suppliers and retailers in France: ANIA, Coop de France, FCD, FEEF and a technological business partner: GreenFlex.

This initiative aims specifically at:

– Simplifying the CSR self-assessment process for suppliers (from micro-enterprise to multinational groups) thanks to a single data entry portal.

– Optimizing the CSR self-assessment process to save time for suppliers: a single repository to meet the demands of every distributor when it comes to CSR issues. This project, in line with the repository based on ISO 26000, has been designed in collaboration with suppliers and distributors (user interviews, alignment of questions / reality in the field).

–  Helping to steer the suppliers’ CSR strategy and action plans.

–  Enhancing CSR actions of all the actors in the chain.

Once the self-assessment is completed, Valorise offers to the companies the possibility to:

–  Receive reports on their CSR approach followed by an updated yearly review.

–  Identify areas for improvement.

–  Share their results with the distributors of their choice.

At GreenFlex, we are committed to a unique model. We support companies in accelerating their environmental and societal transition by drawing on our expertise in sustainable development, but also in digital strategy. We are convinced of the complementary nature of these businesses to offer a complete response to the CSR challenges of our clients. This project is particularly relevant and exciting for GreenFlex as it synthesizes Consulting, Marketing/ Communications and IT expertise.

From the launch of the web platform on September 13th, 9 distributors (ALDI, Auchan, Carrefour, Casino, FNAC DARTY, Les Mousquetaires, Lidl, Metro, Système U) have already taken part to this initiative and many suppliers have already carried out their CSR self-assessment!

Find out more about it with the testimony of two of them: Carrefour and Auchan who have been involved from the very beginning in the project:

(video in French with English subtitles available)