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Who are we?

Our added value

Always moving, ever-changing


We are dedicated to Sustainable Development and have had the courage to incorporate additional areas of expertise to enable us to respond to our customers' problems in a creative way.


We make change concrete and possible. To achieve this, we combine our areas of expertise in order to offer our customers innovations and game-changing solutions which have an immediate, sustainable and measureable effect.


Throughout our workforce, we carry the conviction that a positive future is possible.

Our team

& our beliefs that drive us to action

Our Good Future

Greenflex has been convinced since 2009 that businesses should make a positive contribution to the world’s evolution through their transformation.
The group helps accelerate the transition and reduce environmental and societal costs with a view to tackling the major challenges facing businesses, offering support from developing strategy to taking action for a future of optimal performance, a " Good Future ".
In a bid to continue development in France and abroad and to build a framework for the future, GreenFlex has chosen to team up with Total in 2017. Now fully integrating climate issues into its strategic choices, Total is investing in low-carbon companies and has created a Gas, Renewables & Power business division to support this ambition. GreenFlex will come under this new division as part of its 'Carbon Neutrality Businesses' operations.
This merger will allow GreenFlex to drive its original mission forward: connecting the economy to ecology as far as possible, turning environmental and societal transition into an opportunity, an asset and a competitive advantage for companies.
GreenFlex boasts more than 550 employees working out of 17 offices throughout Europe, for a turnover of over 500 million euros in 2018. Over nearly 10 years, the company has lent its support to over 750 clients.

#InsideGF 63

Table football matches

during the Olympics 2017!

Shared commitments, which inspire us every day GreenFlex For Change
Bureaux GF 4
450 Employees
Lab Inno 95

Ideas pitched

in 2 years!

A multi-disciplinary team

To meet your challenges

Adrien Virolleaud Adrien Virolleaud - Maskbook

Adrien Virolleaud

Head of Services


Annie Houdmon


Benoit Hémon Benoit Hémon - Maskbook

Benoit Hémon

VP Sales Director

FREDERIC Frédéric Rodriguez- Maskbook

Frédéric Rodriguez

Founder and CEO

Lucas Elicegui

Lucas Elicegui

Innovations Director

Marie-Sylvie Bertail Marie-Sylvie Bertail - Maskbook

Marie-Sylvie Bertail

Deputy General Manager

Marlène Morin-Lallemand Marlène Morin-Lallemand - Maskbook

Marlène Morin-Lallemand

Consultant Director

Olivier Ouazana Olivier Ouazana - Maskbook

Olivier Ouazana

International Development Director

Patrick Leroux Patrick Leroux - Maskbook

Patrick Leroux

Energy Division Director

Philippe Segui Philippe Segui - Maskbook

Philippe Ségui

Finance and Partnership Director

Sandra Thevenaz Sandra Thevenaz - Maskbook

Sandra Thevenaz

Marketing Director

Sébastien Delpont

Sébastien Delpont

Consultant Director

Stéphane Petitjean Stéphane Petitjean - Maskbook

Stéphane Petitjean

Consultant Director

Thomas Albisser Thomas Albisser - Maskbook

Thomas Albisser

Technologies Director

Virginie Bernois

Virginie Bernois


Xavier Clabaut_CV

Xavier Clabaut

Director of Aggregations

our story

a green business success story

700 Clients 400 Employees

We have been growing since 2009

8 Employees Present at the launch of the adventure!
1 EcoGuide First version of the EcoGuide, guide to sustainable purchasing
1 Acquisition Altadev, consultancy agency in sustainable development
13 Employees join us!
29 Turnover multiplied by 29!
2 Acquisitions Solofi and Actirent: specialists in asset management
solofi actirent_technology2
100% Wage bill The number of employees doubles!
230% Growth in turnover Continued sustained growth!
1 Acquisition Ethicity: consultancy agency specialising in responsible consumption
17 Employees more join the adventure!
15 Employees involved in the associations SNC and (Im)prove
1 new address on the Grands Boulevards!
67% Wage bill increase in staff
40% Growth in our turnover
3 Acquisitions BeCitizen (strategic consulting), Eveio (consulting in product risks) Terranova Energy (energy efficiency)
becitizen_rvb eveio terranovaenergy
20% Increases in staff yet more new arrivals!
1 new visual identity for GreenFlex!
1 Acquisition BeNext (remote metering)
10 Employees join us!
87% Growth Another ramping up in turnover
1 Acquisition Ordifluides (industrial energy)
51 jobs created in 2016
21% growth in turnover 7th consecutive year of two-figure growth
3 acquisitions BeLinked, HopCube et Okavango join us
logo-BE-LINKED-final logo-HopCube Logo_okavango
95 Employees join us
76% Growth in our turnover
1 Merger with Total within the Gas, Renewables & Power business division
Logo Total
167 new employees joined us
23% A two-figure growth once more
40 works in the Art & Sustainable Development collection hosted by GreenFlex

our agencies

17 agencies in France and in Europe


GreenFlex Paris (head office)

7-11 boulevard Haussmann
75009 Paris, France
discover the path
Telephone : +33 (0)1 40 22 14 60
GreenFlex Rhône Alpes

GreenFlex Rhône Alpes

288 rue Duguesclin
69003 Lyon, France
discover the path
GreenFlex Aix-en-Provence

GreenFlex Aix-en-Provence

16, Parc du Golf – 350 avenue Guillibert de la Lauzière
13856 Aix-en-Provence Cedex 3, France
discover the path
GreenFlex Lille

GreenFlex Lille

Now Coworking Palais de la Bourse 40 Place du théâtre 
59800 Lille, France
discover the path
6 Employees
GreenFlex Toulouse

GreenFlex Toulouse

6 Rue Françoise d'Eaubonne
31200 Toulouse, France
discover the path
GreenFlex Rennes

GreenFlex Rennes

9 Rue Charles Croizé
35740 Pacé, France
discover the path
Telephone : +33 (0)2 23 25 32 90
GreenFlex Nantes

GreenFlex Nantes

5 Impasse de l’Espéranto
44800 St Herblain, France
discover the path
GreenFlex Strasbourg

GreenFlex Strasbourg

Chez Régus - Tour Europe - 20 place des Halles
67000 Strasbourg , France
discover the path
GreenFlex Bordeaux

GreenFlex Bordeaux

W’in 30 Allées de Tourny
33000 Bordeaux, France
discover the path
GreenFlex Barcelona

GreenFlex Barcelona

Calle Aragó, 208-210 3º-2ª
08011 Barcelona, Spain
discover the path
GreenFlex Madrid

GreenFlex Madrid

Calle Mayor 4, 4-2
28013 Madrid, Spain
discover the path
GreenFlex Vigo

GreenFlex Vigo

c/. Pintor Laxeiro, 11, 3ºD
36211 Vigo, Spain
discover the path
GreenFlex Milan

GreenFlex Milan

Via Claudio Achillini, 8
20162 Milano, Italy
discover the path


Drève du Prieuré 19
1160 Bruxelles, Belgium
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GreenFlex Poland

GreenFlex Poland

Plac Dąbrowskiego 1
00-057 Warszawa, Poland
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Platter Str. 158
65193 Wiesbaden, Germany
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