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Develop sustainable food sectors

We help all agents in the agri-food businesses in the sustainable transformation of their sectors, to align them with current and future social and environmental changes, and to create added value. We use our multi-disciplinary expertise and ability to innovate to develop relational models (towards collaboration with all agents and stakeholders) and production methods expected by the market (including themes such as local and social, transparency, health and wellbeing).

Natural features, animal welfare, distribution of value or quality, how to strengthen and differentiate your food and drinks processing sectors?

Agricultural sectors are going through a deep crisis associated with the end of regulated markets and an evolution in the role and expectations of consumers, who are increasingly concerned by product quality, production methods or health / wellbeing benefits. These changes are opening opportunities - both for upstream agents and those who market produce downstream - to change the way food is grown and change products to improve the match between the offer and consumer demand. We believe that the establishment of sustainable sectors, performed jointly with stakeholders, will allow improvements in qualitative and economic evaluations for all parts of the business sector.

In order to build sustainable business sectors, we meet the following requirements:

  1. Listening to stakeholders using our monitoring tools about weak signals and engaging in co-construction with them
  2. Familiarity with the players and experience with the sectors
  3. Agronomic technical expertise in issues and solutions
  4. Familiarity with consumer expectations and experience in responsible marketing
  5. Capacity for internal conviction and supporting change


  • 8 Supported agricultural sectors
  • 15 multi-player working groups organised in 2016
  • + 200 people present in the Open Agrifood working groups in 2016

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