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Manage the energy performance

GreenFlex designs and implements practical solutions for its clients, which help them to reduce their energy usage depending on relevant issues to be addressed and their structure. We currently manage several thousand sites in Europe in distribution, logistics, the tertiary sector and industry, providing personal on-site support, the use and provision of data (modelling & extrapolation), managing and monitoring performance using our GreenFlexIQ platform.

An integrated global approach to manage costs, improve energy efficiency and increase competitiveness

We are convinced that our clients have the capacity to make substantial energy savings that could directly influence their financial results with or without investment.
We have developed a financial and energy performance solution that allows our clients to optimise their current situation and then to invest in new better suited high-performance equipment (up to 30% depending on energy usage, the sector and the business context).

Our approach integrates:

  1. Support from our 40 experts and energy managers for client teams and service providers (change management, regulatory and technical monitoring, supporting energy management including ISO 50001 certification, etc.)
  2. Measurement and connectivity through data aggregation, the reporting and / or deployment of metering systems and supply of our multi-site application platform (benchmark modelling as per IPMVP protocol)
  3. The use of data with a dedicated team of data scientists
  4. Sectoral expertise in procedures, energy-consuming equipment and investment strategies (fluids, steam, use of cold, HVAC & lighting)
  5. Assistance in management of rehabilitation (support with following up the implementation of plans for change)
  6. Project management (aeraulics, thermal & electrical engineering) for complex procedures (feasibility studies, implementation & execution studies)


  • 37,835 energy saving actions performed since 2009
  • + 38,000 sites managed
  • About 2 bn energy data collected by our metering system since 2009

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