Energy and blockchain: how to value these energy and monetary flows?

Local energy loops and blockchain: how to value these new flows and exchanges?

Self-consumption of electricity and development of demand-respond and management tools that improve energy efficiency foster new potential of exchange between energy providers and consumers. Local energy loops are raising new questions.
At the World Efficiency trade show, Lucas Elicegui, Innovation Director at GreenFlex, and Antoine Yeretzian, co-founder of Blockchain Partner and partner of GreenFlex introduced the result of their collaboration on energy and blockchain. Practical connection between sustainable development skills and blockchain technology, this partnership aims to give substance to this approach and add value to these new energy and monetary exchanges to every actor of the value chain.

Short circuits of power or energy: a similar stake

Citizens and territories are more and more willing to adopt energy short circuits. Citizens are concerned about the origin of the energy they consume: the local and traceable approach is appealing to them. Territories are committing to low carbon strategies and set up devices to better control the final cost of the energy as well as accelerate their transition.

A fostering context for emerging local energy loops

We are witnessing a paradigm shift: energy consumption needs and production capacity grow bigger and bigger and are drawing nearer and nearer. Therefore, the context is getting more and more favourable for emerging local energy loops:

  • Self-consumption is going through an unprecedented boost, not only on an individual level but also on a collective scale between local players of a territory.
  • The production capacity is growing, therefore making the installation of production systems working thanks to renewable energies on a site is much more accessible, and many players are showing interest to this approach.
  • The technology associated with energy storage is quickly growing and the entry costs are lowering, which generates interest from potential producers.
  • Digital is finally proving its value as a fundamental tool of this transition to steer the global energy bill and reconcile the stakeholders (individuals, professionals, communities et territories)

A new business and digital approach of energy short circuits

Why count on the blockchain technology to build tomorrow’s energy short circuits? Because blockchain is unique, innovative and allows:

  • To have a systemic approach of the stakes
  • To set up dynamic development strategies for the production and consumption of a territory
  • To ease dialog between each stakeholder

Basically, GreenFlex and Blockchain Partner are deploying a platform that will function as a local marketplace. Energetic and monetary flows are traded in real time between producers and consumers, who align their respective needs by buying and selling at the best price.

watch the video : GreenFlex solutions | Local energy loops and blockchain technology