EcoGuide Eclairage: the guide to purchasing sustainable lighting

As part of our continued quest to help you make your equipment more sustainable, from purchasing to disposal, GreenFlex has partnered with the Syndicat de l’Éclairage to create its brand new EcoGuide.

The EcoGuide Éclairage is the must-have guide to purchasing sustainable lighting aimed at professionals wanting advice on how to choose high-quality, sustainable and energy-saving products.

The lighting sector is currently facing major environmental and energy challenges throughout the lifecycle of luminaires: not only in the use of non-renewable raw materials, but also energy consumption. The EcoGuide Éclairaige reviews products with these factors in mind and suggests possible solutions.

The EcoGuide Éclairage’s rating system provides you with a comprehensive analysis of your luminaires, assessing their societal, environmental and energy impact using a unique and objective technique.

EcoGuide Eclairage: the guide to purchasing sustainable lighting

The EcoGuide Éclairage also explains the sector, its ecosystem and regulations. We also use the data gathered in the EcoGuide Éclairage when working with our own clients.

As a special offer for its launch, the EcoGuide Éclairage is free for 6 months!

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