5 reasons why GreenFlex is the perfect partner for your ecological transition

The challenges facing businesses are constantly multiplying, from the digital and ecological transition to new consumer expectations and a harsh climate of mistrust.
Here are 5 good reasons you should choose GreenFlex to help you overcome them and accelerate your transition towards a more sustainable future.

1. GreenFlex, European leader in societal and environmental transition

With 200 mployees, 14 offices across Europe and €230 million in turnover, GreenFlex has progressively cemented itself as the European leader in environmental and societal transition. Since 2009, it has positioned itself as a designer of sustainable development which believes that businesses should play a role in transforming the world by transforming themselves. GreenFlex has become an international player and expert on the environment. It is the only one in France and Europe to have reached a sufficient critical size in terms of workforce and expertise to handle all topics of sustainable development, to manage companies’ global environmental footprint and to guarantee results.

 2. A unique model fusing 3 expertise

Strategic and operational support, data intelligence (reports and predictive) and financing are the pillars of GreenFlex’s unique model. Thanks to its specialist knowledge on various industries (energy, climate, resources, health, etc.) and the digital and financial tools to employ, GreenFlex takes a global approach to tackling environmental issues. There is no miracle solution for companies: there are only suitable solutions. As a designer of sustainable solutions, GreenFlex strikes the right balance between the company’s issues and the solutions that will be implemented.

3. Financing as a transition catalyst

GreenFlex is the only company in Europe to possess genuine financial savoir-faire, enabling you to renew your equipment even sooner. Since its creation, GreenFlex has financed over €450 million of eco-friendly equipment. Furthermore, by deploying teams on the ground throughout France, GreenFlex removes your organisational restraints and accelerates your efficiency optimisation.

4. Entrepreneurial mindset and constant innovation

Founded in 2009, GreenFlex has enjoyed success through organic and external growth. In 2016, it extended its skillset to include collaborative web platforms (acquisition of Hop-Cube) and societal strategies (acquisition of consulting firm Be-Linked). In 2017, it acquired Okavango specializing in industry energy performance,  These acquisitions are underpinned by an entrepreneurial mindset and constant quest for innovation. In 7 years, we have acquired no less than 12 other businesses.

5. An ethical partner

With the firm belief that the energy transition can provide a competitive advantage, GreenFlex has introduced its own sustainable development initiative: GreenFlex For Change.
This environmental performance plan includes measures to reduce the environmental impact, an innovation lab, professional training for employees and volunteer programmes allowing them to support two charities: Solidarités Nouvelles face au Chômage and Improve.
Sustainable development is at the core of the business, explains Frédéric Rodriguez, the CEO-founder, “GreenFlex is committed to developing virtuous models for our customers and ourselves through concrete actions. We strive every day to reduce our own impact on the environment, we help our employees grow by listening to everyone’s ideas and support charities who help people in need find work.”
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