5 CSR initiatives that went viral this year

In just a few years, corporate social responsibility has become a major lever for a company’s proper governance. An efficient CSR policy is innovative and original. Both characteristics can be found throughout this list of the top 5 CSR initiatives, as selected by GreenFlex.

1. Adopt a hen with Trigone

Trigone’s egg-celent idea was for each family to adopt two hens to reduce waste by 12 kg every month. The public-private entity handling water and waste management in south-west France launched the initiative in 2013, but it wasn’t until late 2015 that it really took off. In one year, 100 homes took in hens, much to the delight of the families. The hens lay about thirty eggs a month, a win-win situation for everyone.

2. Collect potatoes left behind in the harvest with McCain

The “Patathon” is a potato hunt organised in October 2016 by McCain, the NGO Enactus and the GAPPI potato producers. In north France, the event is getting tongues wagging. The concept? To collect potatoes left behind in the fields after harvest and donate them to food banks. A family-fun way to combat food waste.

3. Recycle office paper with Epson

Epson are making the dream of being able to recycle and reuse your own paper a reality. The Japanese manufacturer has designed the revolution PaperLab, an office recycling system that drastically cuts paper waste. Exhibited at the Tokyo electronics fair, the PaperLab also saves water through dry recycling. Able to recycle 14 pages a minute, its efficiency is perfect for the office environment.

4. Use 25% less hot water with Tours Habitat meters

Tour(s) Habitat has developed a project to fight against hot water wastage while also helping households save money. The construction company and estate agent equipped 8,500 households with intelligent meters in 2015. This resulted in an average hot water saving of 25% per household in just one year. And that is rather significant when you consider that households spend almost €800 per year on water bills.

5. Using professional expertise to help Crédit Agricole’s partner charities

Since 2016, Crédit Agricole’s employees have been putting their professional knowledge to good use for charity. The bank set up a website to connect volunteer employees with charities such as, AVEC, Dons Solidaires, and Jardin Partagé de Casque d’Or. All the missions, from marketing to financial and banking advice, are detailed on the intranet. The scheme has been hugely popular, with 850 employees stating an interest in volunteering.
This initiative goes hand in hand with the CSR programme GreenFlex For Change. At Greenflex, employees are given the opportunity to volunteer with a partner charity, Solidarités nouvelles face au chômage (SNC), during normal working hours.