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The Supplier Mapping Module

The Supplier Mapping module makes it possible to list and map the entire supply chain of a company’s suppliers. It is designed for all companies looking to control their traceability. It simplifies the automation of processes and accelerates interactions between players to ensure compliance of their marketed products as well as traceability for the entire supply chain.


products analysed
per year


suppliers listed
per company



Map out the entire supply chain and control any traceability issues


Simplify, automate and computerise the listing and assessment processes for suppliers


Simple and
quick to learn

  • Easy and intuitive module
  • Interfaces accessible to non-expert users


  • Interoperability between the Supplier Mapping module and the other GreenFlexIQ modules, offering full command of production

Simple communication and compliance with regulations

  • Optimisation of quality processes
  • Support in fulfilling the duty of care obligation and in meeting client expectations for traceability
  • The entire chain can adapt sourcing to contractor demands

Main features

Collaborative collection of supplier data

  • Organised data collection campaign: automated dispatch of questionnaires to suppliers and sharing at all levels: each supplier can declare their own suppliers
  • Online secured access to the module for all suppliers (option of offline access and synchronisation)
  • Intuitive completion of questionnaires and management of supporting documents and best practices

Customised indicators for traceability, quality and CSR

  • Customised definition of the scope of supplier questionnaires: production workflow, orders, production sites, etc.
  • Definition of follow-up indicators: sustainable sourcing, product quality, compliance with regulations, CSR maturity, etc.

Precise mapping of the supply chain

  • Precise mapping of all suppliers: graphic display (geomapping)
  • Graphic arrangement of suppliers according to their maturity and compliance per monitored issue

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