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Manage the total cost of equipment and finance the transition

The Report Module

The report module helps you to manage all your stock and automatically edit financial, technical, administrative and environmental reports on equipment activity. It is designed for companies seeking to consolidate a 360° vision of their monitored assets (hardware, software, etc.).

5 million



of daily



Quick, simple access to key information for managing assets


Simple monitoring of purchase and rental budgets


Anticipation of equipment turnover


Real-time monitoring of stock status


Comprehensive view of stock conditions

  • Intelligent sorting of equipment, sites, users
  • Equipment correlated with total costs (purchase, rental, maintenance, energy costs, environmental impact, etc.)

Real-time dynamic dashboards and customised reports

  • Monitoring of trends in financial performance
  • Outstanding purchases

Customisable reports according to different corporate levels

  • Intelligent data processing resulting directly in simple indicators accessible to all
  • Industry rules associated with site constraints and optimised performance applied to assets

Main features


  • Data highlighted and displayed in graphs for quick, efficient analysis
  • Filtered results (geographic, energy and equipment scope filters, etc.)
  • Possibility to export tables data cross-linked off the platform

Alerts and notifications, automatically generated actions

  • Automatic identification and alerts if energy consumption appears abnormal or above expected limits, or if equipment is operating outside scheduled hours
  • Tasks automatically generated by tool and sent to an expert for action upon receipt of abnormality alert

Customised data analysis

  • Identification of characteristic metrics for creating a data template and predicting future energy consumption based on climate, type of equipment and use
  • Pertinent graphics provided for optimised data display


Additional modules