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Save energy resources

The Industrial Performance Module

The Industrial Performance module is for decision-makers eager to improve their management of the productivity, energy, quality and maintenance of their sites and production processes. Combined with industry expertise, this module offers clients support, from collecting data to implementing an appropriate strategy by transforming energy data and processes into decision-making and management tools:

  1. Optimise management of production and energy use
  2. Anticipate and schedule maintenance and turnover through the monitoring of dedicated indicators
  3. Identify training needs
  4. Optimise the production order

Intelligent industrial performance indicators, statistical references and interconnected dashboards are thereby generated and available on a platform.

3 themes

productivity, energy and quality

Hundreds of thousands

of industrial performance data stored (Big Data technology)

+ 100

performance indicators



Cross-reference data already available before implementing the solution and enrich them through data analysis and intelligence


Visualise all the performance data in order to manage the selected indicators in real time: monitor trends and improve transparency on site performance


Enjoy a better vision of the operational costs and the profitability of various products


Make the right information available at the right moment and help operators to identify any deviation and to be more responsive in their corrective actions


Raise awareness and involve operators in the approach and improve their expertise


Understand the causes and influencing factors behind fluctuations and accelerate decision-making in the continuous improvement initiative.


An intelligent vision of industrial performance

  • Integration of multiple issues (energy, productivity and quality)
  • Indicators and displays adapted to the company and its various activities providing macro monitoring of the site as well as specific monitoring of targeted problem areas
  • Data updated in real time enable the detection and correction of abnormalities and waste

A continuous improvement initiative

  • Improved performance thanks to the involvement of GreenFlex energy managers, experts from various disciplines and affiliated engineering consultants
  • Support on the long-term performance strategy: analysis of causes and influencing factors of fluctuations, identification of the least profitable products, prioritisation of investments and employee training

Mobilising employees

  • Secured multi-user access (management, operations, maintenance)
  • Acknowledgement of best individual practices within the teams
  • Management by the various company departments and increased autonomy

Main features

360° vision of the indicators

  • Monitoring of energy use and the energy impact by each step in the process
  • Comparative analyses of raw materials, energy consumption and average flows
  • Display of control cards and analyses of quality scores by batch

Analysis and benchmarking

  • Analysis of production and saturation rates
  • Benchmarking of average flows and activities by process, by batch size and by operator
GreenFlex_IQ_Performance industrielle F1_analyse_mockup2

Production analysis

Additional modules