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The Environmental Ratings Module

A leader on the market, the Environmental Ratings module industrialises reports on the sustainable development of consumer goods and automatically edits their environmental ratings directly on the distributors’ e-commerce sites or on in-shop labels. It is designed for the e-commerce sites of distributors seeking to meet the expectations of their consumers by offering an environmental rating to help evaluate a product’s quality and compliance.




products covered by an environmental rating


labels displayed per month



Accelerate the collection of product data from suppliers by mobilising all data sources: environmental, social and societal


Automate calculation of the environmental rating for marketed products: display of rating calculated on life cycle analysis (LCA)


Display the environmental rating directly on brand e-commerce sites and/or in shops


Incorporating data in the purchasing cycle


Quick and easy configuration

  • Easy and intuitive module
  • Interfaces accessible to non-expert users along with pooled data
  • A product database with more than 80,000 references and methodology
  • Automated calculation of environmental ratings
  • Consumer access to calculation methodology

Simplified communication

  • Incorporation of the environmental rating in the e-commerce site graphics
  • Advice on highlighting the environmental rating display

Main features

Collaborative and industrialised collection of product data

  • Definition of profiles and allocation of user rights to contributors
  • Secured online access to module and data according to user profile
  • Simple, intuitive updating of the product database (social, environmental and societal data)

Configuration of the calculation methodology

  • Settings of calculations and configuration of formulas using a graphic interface
  • Product database and methodology made available by independent engineering consultants

Automated publication of environmental rating

  • Adaptation of the environmental rating’s graphic charter
  • Optional implementation of an energy savings simulator designed to calculate the environmental and economic gains when using during renewal of electrical equipment

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