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Save energy resources

The Energy Measurement Module

The Energy Measurement module allows businesses to visualise consumption of their energy-intensive equipment and to configure the display by area of consumption alongside energy use in order to draw up indicators or edit reports on the selected scope.

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Main issues


Monitor consumption indicators on an Energy dashboard


Identify energy-intensive stations and any deviation in consumption


Visualise consumption by equipment, area and use


Enhance collected data for more accurate analysis and create reports


Versatile display and reporting tool

  • Macro financial and technical reporting
  • Technical monitoring of consumption and deviations

Multiple fluid consolidation system

  • Multiple energy sources: electricity, gas, water
  • Consolidation of other data (particularly from temperature sensors)

Tool ready for use with an Energy Management System

  • Implementation of monitoring indicators
  • Over-consumption and deviation alerts

Main features

Dynamic data display and cross-referencing module

  • Simple, intuitive representation of consumption as well as energy and financial indicators
  • Comparative analyses on previous periods (week, month, year) and types of data
  • Several-step display of measurement periods
  • Reports

Accounting for climate impact and types of day

  • Outside and/or inside temperatures
  • Type of days and schedules

Tool adapted to the implementation of an Energy Management System

  • Monitoring status of actions and their description
  • Financial impact of actions and cost of inaction
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Dynamic module for displaying and crossing data

Additional modules