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Save energy resources

Energy Action Plan Module

The Energy Action Plan module centralises and prioritises energy saving actions to be carried out by each client. Each company has a personalised overall view of the necessary steps for reaching its goals to reduce its energy use. Goals, actions and savings are thereby clear and stakeholders are committed in the short and long term to a sustainable improvement approach.



Spur clients to take action by empowering each stakeholder


Summarise information in an interactive platform enabling each concerned player to precisely follow the goals established at each step of the action plan


Have a view of the cost if no action is taken


Simple and
quick to learn

  • Intuitive pick up
  • Interface accessibility for non-expert users

of users

  • Unlimited creation of access with varying rights to the platform
  • User hierarchy system

Energy Management
Support System

  • Action plan for prioritising continuous improvement actions

Main features

Creation of actions

  • Technical description of actions
  • Estimated energy savings and level of priority
  • Assign the user in charge

Monitor progress of actions

  • Progress report of actions can be modified by various players
  • Traceable comments
  • Option of adding documents relating to actions

Additional modules