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Manage the total cost of equipment and finance the transition

The Asset Management Module

This module is a management tool designed for businesses to monitor their energy equipment life cycle and uses. It helps monitor the status of your inventory, including the assignment and movement of equipment within your stock. It helps managing their renewal or their end of life recovery.


assets covered



Classify and view pieces of equipment according to their various characteristics


Manage in real time the movement of equipment and energy assets: simplified monitoring of their movements, inventory and operations


Enhance the end of life for all equipment and energy assets


Simplified monitoring of the use of your equipment, its operation, consumption and maintenance requirements, through to end of life

  • Monitor inventories as well as equipment use and movements
  • Manage equipment renewal
  • Make the best use of their end of life

Data collection

  • Flexible, interoperable and automated data gathering using your operational system
  • Update data available on mobile devices

Main features

View and manage inventories throughout the equipment’s life cycle

  • Monitoring of equipment and asset life cycle and status at each step: in use, in inventory, being serviced, etc.
  • Definition of user profiles and attribution of specific rights
  • Monitoring use of new equipment and their movement up to exit from stock: improved traceability (assignments and data also available on mobile devices)

Manage equipment and asset renewal and/or reclamation at end of life

  • Precise command and verification of changes in stock: renovation, commercial remodelling, closure, etc.
  • Preparation of operations for reclaiming equipment and assets at end of life: trade-in, recycling, etc.
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View and manage inventories throughout the equipment’s life cycle

Additional modules