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Sustainable buying guide for energy-consuming equipment

IT, Retail and Lighting purchasing guide

EcoGuides are unique, independent purchasing guides that support you in the selection of your IT, retail or lighting equipment, evaluated based on societal, environmental and energy factors.

GreenFlex has developed EcoGuides for your IT equipment (PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet), Retail (point of sale refrigerator and freezer) and lighting, evaluated assets on criteria of maturity of manufacturer CSR, the life cycle of the product and energy consumption.

The EcoGuides also offer technological and regulatory monitoring of sectors, as well as information files regarding their ecosystem. Using the same approach, the EcoGuides are a database for the production of Diags, IT stock diagnostics.

Discover EcoGuide IT and EcoGuide Lighting! Contact us for more information about EcoGuide Retail.


4636 assets evaluated
538 Diags performed

Main features

  1. Classification of energy-consuming equipment of a sector
  2. Regulatory and technological monitoring of sector
  3. Sector ecosystem key point file


  1. Ability to evaluate existing equipment
  2. Ability to search for sustainable equipment with a view to purchase
  3. Ability to remain informed about regulatory and technological developments of the market and its ecosystem