Open agrifood Orléans

16 project ideas presented during the forum plenary 40 students participating to "the Agrickathon"


Creating and facilitating a “do-tank” of the annual forum

Issues involved

Open agrifood is a collaborative forum launched in 2014 by Xavier Beulin (FNSEA) and Emmanuel Vasseneix (LSDH) that brings together players from the upstream to the consumer in order to think together on the future of the agricultural sector, and CSR integration in its model.

Solution provided since 2014

GreenFlex has been supporting the Open agrifood with the animation of a “do tank”, the Open agrifood Initiatives during the forum :

  • Facilitating a 2-year collective intelligence process and creativity sessions with all the actors of the sector
  • Incubation of concrete projects in co-construction with players in the agricultural sector
  • Ceation of the “Agrickathon” (contraction of Agriculture, and Hacking and Marathon) during the 2016 edition in partnership with IT & agriculture schools to develop the web platforms for the projects of the OAF initiatives

A positive result

6 projects incubated by GreenFlex and presented at the 2016 edition with a conference
300 people mobilized over 2 years during 40 workshops