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#Sustainable strategies and vision

DREAL Picardie


Launch of a map-based web application measuring the impact on natural sites

Issues involved

To prevent threats to the objectives of conservation of species and protected habitats, certain projects located in or nearby Natura 2000 sites are under evaluation.

DREAL (Regional Directorate of the Environment, Land-Use Planning, and Housing) Picardie decided to make an innovative platform available to these organisers: a web evaluation tool to measure, firstly, whether the project is subject to an impact assessment (IA).

Solution provided

  1. Production of an app to automate the Natura 2000 impact assessment process and creation of a tool to calculate the risks of impact according to the type of project launched (building permits, sporting or cultural events, etc.)
  2. Proposal for the graphic design of the site
  3. Development of the website

Creation of value

  • Complete automation of sending the impact assessment and of its processing by the dedicated services
  • Project history over several years
  • Raising awareness of project leaders
  • Regional viewing and monitoring of the process by DREAL
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