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Control product quality and risks

We support industry players, suppliers, importers, brands and distributors at all phases of development and sale of their products (monitoring, specifications documents, supplier audits, compliance, crisis management, etc.) and in their structure (diagnosis, training, etc.) by offering solutions that combine support from our multi-disciplinary teams, and data intelligence from the regulatory monitoring of products.

Control quality, compliance, safety, sustainability of products, and risks of responsibility and reputation of the company

All stakeholders (scientists, media, legislators, consumers and civil society) now require that companies provide responsible products, i.e. products that are compliant and safe. Companies that bring products to the market, often without producing them themselves, must have efficient solutions to control risks associated with ethics, sustainability and reputation, which have a major financial impact, in relation to all the qualities of their products.

We strengthen the links with the full value chain covering 4 areas, using our multi-faceted regulatory, scientific, technical and legal experience to:

  1. Identify weak signals and regulatory pressures causing problems for products
  2. Define relevant product requirements and ensure product compliance and safety
  3. Diagnose the vulnerabilities of the production process of the company and their suppliers for improved control over product risks
  4. Support companies in the quality management of their products, including in times of crisis


  • 100 warehouse audits per year
  • 400 regulatory requirements identified per year
  • 8,000 products managed for compliance