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Align and deploy CSR and strategy and integrate a dialogue with stakeholders

Waste Report Module

The Waste Report module is designed for companies and local authorities who want to optimise management of waste from works and construction sites. This module enables them to establish action plans for improving the environmental and economic impact of their waste management and to thereby meet all stakeholder demands for transparency, traceability, regulatory compliance and communication.



Monitor the life cycle of industrial and construction products and anticipate their end of life


Define an action plan for managing the end of life of these products: decommissioning, processing, reuse, sale, etc.


Establish client reports


Control the budget


Visualise multi-sites and monitor the life cycle of all construction waste

Automated consolidation of reports and stakeholders’ involvement (clients, service providers, partners, authorities, etc.)

Interoperability between the Waste Report module and other GreenFlexIQ modules for comprehensive management of the environmental, economic, social and energy impact of construction sites

Main features

collection of data
for waste from
construction sites

  • Definition of the rights of each contributor (service providers’ waste, site supervisors, etc.) and option of automated connection to existing systems
  • Update of database and customisation of fields depending on contributor profiles

Setting of indicators for monitoring, analysing and managing waste

  • Configuration of calculation formulas and algorithms via an interface accessible to non-expert users
  • Definition of operational indicators (end of life, sorting, quantity, price, etc.) adapted to each project’s needs
  • Utilisation of pre-programmed, established benchmarks and standards (CSR, Carbon Footprint, etc.)

Automated generation of detailed reports for better communication among stakeholders

  • Automated update of dashboards in real time for optimal management
  • Automated export of reports - organised according to selected operational indicators - to be shared with involved stakeholders

Reports and communication of waste indicators

Additional modules