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Align and deploy CSR and strategy and integrate a dialogue with stakeholders

The Supplier CSR Evaluation Module

The Supplier CSR Evaluation module is a one-of-a-kind digital portal for assessing a company’s CSR. It is designed for any kind of business that needs to audit its suppliers (from SMB to multinational groups) with regard to CSR issues and to simplify the transmission of CSR information. This module puts CSR back into the centre of the relationship between contractors and their suppliers.

+ 1,500

production sites (factories)



CSR as the focus of responsible purchasing policies
A web portal dedicated to the CSR assessment policy of companies producing and selling services and/or consumer products


CSR, a vector for dialogue between businesses
A unique questionnaire for simply and quickly auditing a business’ CSR approach


CSR, creating value for business activities
A voluntary initiative of contractors to encourage their suppliers to improve their quality and safety approach as well as to enhance their CSR policies


and accessibility

  • Simplified framework: one single questionnaire addressed to suppliers
  • Shared results from suppliers with commercial partners based on voluntary participation
  • Specific issues of very small and medium-sized businesses taken into account

A unique

  • Collaboration of businesses in the same sector
  • Questionnaire, platform and display of results designed for optimal use by the concerned participants

Enhancement of
CSR initiatives

  • CSR management tool for suppliers
  • Enhancement of suppliers’ CSR initiatives
  • Tool for discussion and sharing amongst all participants

Main features

of service and/or
production sites
by suppliers

  • Creation of accounts by business (secured access) and creation of sites
  • Managing contributors
  • Submission of questionnaire and documentary proof or list of best practices

Transmission of
results to
commercial partners

  • Payment for the self-evaluation for each site (if necessary)
  • Results shared with all contractors
  • Consultation of one’s own results

and use of results
from the suppliers’

  • Aggregated results from the self-evaluations
  • Enhancement of suppliers’ best practices

Consultation and use of results from the suppliers’ self-evaluations

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