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Align and deploy CSR and strategy and integrate a dialogue with stakeholders

Site Indicator Report Module

The Site Indicator Report module is a unique digital tool to help simplify the energy, environmental and social transition of construction sites. It is designed for construction companies and sites seeking to generate reports by site via the collection and monitoring of environmental, energy, resource and waste indicators.



Consolidate environmental indicators of construction sites


Optimal use of energy, resources waste, etc. on work sites through a real-time vision of the main uses


Predictive analysis of use and of overall impact of the worksites


Detailed client reports



  • Site cost control
  • Improved profitability through comparison and analysis of data
  • Accent on expertise as compared to the competition
  • Prevention of leaks and damages
  • Client satisfaction


  • Compliance with environmental standards and certifications
  • Control of impacts on the environment as well as any disturbance to residents
  • Rational use of resources
  • Control of product waste quantities
  • Energy cost control


  • Stakeholders’ awareness of environmental issues
  • Company commitment to a global sustainable development approach

Main features

of all
the site’s
data sources

  • Definition of contributors’ profiles and rights
  • Updating of the database from the IT system or from a mobile terminal at site
  • Connection to existing databases

Definition of indicators for monitoring, analysing and predicting consumption

  • Settings of calculations and configuration of formulas using a graphic interface
  • Definition of indicators adapted to the needs of each project
  • Access to preprogrammed indicators in the platform

reports and
with stakeholders

  • Configuration of all communication vehicles and recovery of collected data and defined indicators

Handling indicators, reports and communication with stakeholders

Additional modules