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Align and deploy CSR and strategy and integrate a dialogue with stakeholders

The Carbon Footprint CSR Report Module

The Carbon Footprint CSR Report module is a collaborative web tool that industrialises organisations’ reporting of sustainable development data, based on a “CSR Big Data” approach. It is designed for any type of business, regardless of sector, seeking to edit a report on its suppliers with regard to CSR issues. This module incorporates both energy and waste production indicators with CSR and Carbon Footprint indicators.



The acceleration of data collection, interoperability and enhancement
regarding all the environmental, social and societal data of the business


Reliability and personalisation of indicators
(legal benchmarks and personalised reporting) and simplification of employee actions


of stakeholders

(communication and action plans) and acceleration of the CSR transition in businesses


Versatile, customisable platform

  • Adoption of existing CSR and Carbon Footprint benchmarks
  • Customisable configuration of benchmarks in collaboration with GreenFlex industry teams

Simplified accessibility and configuration

  • Secured digital access
  • Open solution that interfaces with the company’s reporting tools and software solutions
  • Easy and intuitive to use

Control of CSR issues and action plans

  • Monitoring of the business’ environmental footprint in real time
  • Stakeholder involvement simplified

Main features

Collaborative and
collection of
CSR data

  • Personalised definition of profiles and allocation of rights to contributors
  • Simple, intuitive updating of the database and integrated management of supporting documents

Configuration of indicators for monitoring, analysis and prediction

  • Settings of calculations and configuration of formulas using a graphic interface
  • Availability of existing benchmarks and standards: personalisation of the indicator structure for using these standards

indicators, reports
and communication
with stakeholders

  • Monitoring indicators in real time: panoramic vision of collected data for an indicator
  • Enhancement of information: generation of totally configurable dynamic reports
  • Defining personalised action plans and appropriate goals

Collaborative and industrialised collection of CSR data

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