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Manage the total cost of equipment and finance the transition

The Actions Module

This module allows businesses to consolidate on-site actions of their employees or service providers in their GreenFlexIQ system. The module can interface with a computerised maintenance management system (CMMIS) or enable data entry using a mobile app. Collected data is connected to sites and equipment so as to simplify follow-up on corrective and preventive operations.

+ 200,000

actions collected
and analysed

+ 1,000

providers supervised
by our branch offices



Trigger on-site maintenance interventions or data collection directly from the stock analysis (asset management) or using the automated anomaly detection (energy action plan) asset management


Computerise the order and the action report using a mobile app and thereby ensure the excellent quality and speed of data reported


Connect on-site operation reports directly to sites and equipment


Consolidate all operational data, equipment and energy costs so as to optimise the total cost of installations


Real-time view of on-site data (maintenance, inventory, etc.)

  • Existing data uploaded and consolidated
  • Existing data communicated prior to intervention


  • Notification of planned or unaccomplished actions
  • Report and summary dashboard

Increased data through algorithms

  • Algorithms connected to actions and their effects on equipment (changes in consumption, visitors, temperatures, etc.)
  • Operations adapted through data management

Main features

Setting up the intervention

  • Configuration of technician organisation: agencies, teams, contacts
  • Configuration of question and instruction forms to help technician in the operation
  • Configuration of various possible outputs for collected data: report in PDF format, creation or updating of data on stock assets

Scheduling and implementing actions

  • Scheduling actions over time or en masse via a data import
  • Synchronising actions and visualising assignments in detail via a mobile application accessible even without a network
  • Action carried out by the technician after consultation of the guidelines and information on the intervention
  • Drafting of the assignment report by the technician (answers to questions, photos, client signature, etc.)

Using the action report

  • Synchronisation of the technician’s device for uploading data from the report
  • Consultation of action reports
  • Updating of data on the equipment having undergone the intervention

Additional modules